100,000 jobs in Peru’s table grape industry at risk due to riots

The Association of Table Grape Producers of Peru (Provid), as the representative union of table grape producing and exporting companies, stated that 100,000 jobs are at risk due to the ongoing riots and instability in the country. Although the latest statistics of week 1 shows a 2% increase in volumes compared to last year (from 43,845,918 last season to 44,882,916 this season), the ongoing political unrest in Peru can have a major negative effect on the rest of the export season.

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“Most successful season for Chilean cherries in China”

“Today Thursday, January 19, 3 days to the end of pre-Chinese New Year sales, we can say it has been a great season in China for Chilean cherries and the most successful in terms of the volume placed, rapid movement and attractive prices. Until week 3 in 2023, there are more than 55 million boxes 5 kg equivalent sold in China,” according to Isabel Quiroz founder of iQonsulting, who are agricultural market experts based in Chile.

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