Efficacy and Commercial Trials Intensify Globally with Diverse List of Perishables

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For the grower/packer/shipper in North America, South America and Asia, use of our patented technology results in quantifiable value creation by slowing senescence, suppressing decay, improving quality at arrival, extending “the season”, and offering alternative shipping methods to costly air freight which generates high levels of CO2.  And for consumers they can expect improvements in eating quality and better shelf-life.

With these objectives in mind from production to consumer, RipeLocker is proud to announce its current and future trials on a variety of perishables to:

  • Slow down senescence and/or ripening to prolong freshness and quality of -peaches, fresh hops, table grapes, cut-flowers, hop pellets, walnuts, fresh-cut apple slices, pomegranates, papayas, limes, cherries, asparagus.
  • Suppress decay to reduce food loss and waste in the supply chain for – table grapes, cut-flowers, and papayas.
  • Extend the season to market fresh perishables, thereby increasing grower margins and offering consumer increased satisfaction for – peaches, fresh hops, table grapes, cut-flowers, pomegranates, cherries, and asparagus.
  • Offer cost-effective alternative shipping methods that still result in good quality at arrival for – fresh hops, table grapes, cut-flowers, papayas, asparagus.

Results and case studies are made available for review on our website upon completion of trials.