«The quality of Peruvian blueberries is great this season, but different sizes are all mixed up in the boxes»

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This is the peak period of the blueberry sales season. The pandemic has largely been brought under control in China and consumer power is growing again. The blueberries are doing much better in the Chinese market than last year. Mr. Zhang Tianyi, spokesperson for Zhejiang Sango Trade Co., Ltd., recently talked about current sales conditions for Peruvian blueberries in the Chinese market.

«The Chinese import volume of Peruvian blueberries expanded by 30%-50% in comparison with last year. The overall product quality is quite good. The market price was around 170-180 yuan [26.62-18.18 USD] per box when the blueberries just entered the market. Now, a bit later in the season, the price fell to 70-120 yuan [10.96-18.79 USD] per box,» said Mr. Zhang.

«Chinese consumers pay attention to the hue of the blueberry skin. To maintain the powdery surface of the blueberries, Peruvian blueberry farmers harvest by hand and process the berries manually. However, manual processing is less sensitive than machine processing, which means that blueberries of different sizes all end up in the same box. This creates problems for retailers who pay attention to uniformity.»

«The blueberry market is bouncing back after the outbreak of Covid-19 last year. Consumer power is growing. However, shipping is still a problem. Most blueberry deliveries are delayed by as much as one week. That has its effects on wholesale and retail conditions,» said Mr. Zhang.

When asked about future developments in the blueberry import industry, manager Zhang replied: «First, it is important to establish supply chains in every production area and work closely together with suppliers in different production areas. Second, product quality control is key. Many blueberry production areas around the world have their eyes set on the Chinese market. The Chinese import volume of blueberries is growing every year. Under these circumstances blueberry suppliers only have to rely on product quality to stand out. There is a motto, «if others do not sell, I will sell, and if others sell, I will sell better quality». That is the only way to stand out in the market.»

Sango primarily imports fruit products from South America, Oceania, and Africa. The company hopes to develop strategic relations with suppliers in other production areas as well, especially in North America.