Development of an antifungal active packaging containing thymol and an ethylene scavenger. Validation during storage of cherry tomatoes

– Active sachets with antifungal and ethylene scavenging activities were developed.

– KMnO4-loaded sepiolite (SK) was used as ethylene scavenger.

-Free (T) or encapsulated thymol (ET) as antimicrobials were carried into the sachets.

-T-containing sachets led to the highest Botrytis cinerea inhibition (≥91 %).

– SK- and T-including sachets comparably restrained B. cinerea incidence on tomatoes.

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First report of Fusarium oxysporum Schltdl causing Fusarium Wilt on blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) in Chile

Chile is the main exporter of blueberries in the Southern Hemisphere, producing this fruit from October to April each year, when there is no production available in the main markets situated in the northern hemisphere. Chile, with around 15,600 hectares planted with Highbush blueberries along the country, has some crown and root rot diseases, which affect the crops reducing its productivity (Larach et al., 2009).

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