Agrifood industry: a haven for investments

Agriculture is an activity that has accompanied human beings since their early years. However, today it has acquired a leading role for humanity given the sustained increase in the global population. Thus, the agrifood industry is one of the most important productive sectors today, especially for the future.

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The boom of the citrus fruits during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the food systems in a myriad of ways, from problems in the production side due to sickness and movement restrictions to quarantines affecting how and where people can buy food to what consumers end up eating.

Some foods, mainly fresh fruits and especially citrus, have had a remarkable year. The demand for fresh citrus fruits and juices has been high, mainly due to the choices made by health-conscious consumers.

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Frambuesa: producción, mercado y comercialización

Les compartimos las información del capítulo del libro “Cultivo, poscosecha, procesado y comercio de berries” ha sido redactado por los especialistas Luis Alfonso Jiménez-Ortega y José Basilio-Heredia del Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo de Culiacán, Sinaloa, México. En él, se detallan las generalidades del cultivo y requerimientos para la producción de frambuesa acorde al mercado actual.

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Water footprint in the agrifood sector

Water is a scarce resource, and the agrifood industry is one of its more significant users. Food demand is expected to rise in the coming decades. Hence, taking measures to use water efficiently is a crucial requirement to secure our future food supply. Furthermore, climate change is expected to stress food production and water systems in even greater ways, so analysing sustainable indicators, such as the water footprint, is fundamental to develop a more resilient agrifood industry.

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