Fresh on Demand – Improving the Quality of Fruit and Vegetable Chains

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Consumers want high-quality fruit and vegetables that taste delicious and have a long shelf life. At the same time, they expect links in the chain to ensure food safety and sustainability and they explicitly ask for reduced use of chemical pesticides and packaging that is less harmful to the environment. How do you achieve that while maintaining product quality and in a way that even increases the consumption of fruits and vegetables? This is what various Wageningen experts are investigating in a collaboration with businesses in this public-private project.

Smart Chain Concept

The participants in this project mainly work on the development of knowledge about physiological quality, measuring and detection methods, smart and targeted use of information from various links in the chain, and other tools that meet food safety and sustainability requirements. The key principle in this is to improve intrinsic quality control: the smart chain concept. They will share this knowledge and these tools on a knowledge platform to allow other companies to benefit from them as well.

Fresh on Demand is a follow-up to the GreenCHAINge project.

Seven Sub-Projects

Fresh on Demand consists of seven sub-projects:

  1. Biomarkers for quality
  2. Taste and Non-Destructive Measurements
  3. Intermodal Transport of Fresh Products by Train
  4. Optimising the Quality of the Chain for Tropical Fruits
  5. Firm and Tasty Blueberries
  6. Food Safety of Freshly Cut Fruits and Vegetables
  7. Application of Sustainable and Dynamic MA Packaging Material