Jan Rozema, SFI Fruit: «Limited supply of overseas grapes, sales going well»

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The first South African grapes have already arrived at SFI Rotterdam. Grapes from Namibia are also expected. «The grape market looks reasonably good. Punnett sales to supermarkets are going particularly well. We program loose grape sales more carefully. But you can make good money from these,» says Jan Rozema.

«The Brazilian grapes are just about gone, and Peru doesn’t have huge volumes either. Add to that the South African and Namibian seasons’ delay; and supplies are limited. Next week, there may be more on the market. But the larger volumes will only arrive in week 53 or week 1. Then prices levels will probably correct a bit. They’re, however, stable for now.»

Prime Seedless grapes from South Africa.

«White grape prices range from €14 to €15,50. Red ones are going for about €15. Last year’s prices were higher. But the European grapes were on the market longer this year. And Brazil sent more too. I’m generally satisfied with the price level,» says Jan. «There is also a limited Peruvian supply. That’s party due to the strikes there. Red Globe grapes from Peru are even priced between €18 and €20.»

Peruvian Flame Seedless grapes.

«The question is how the anti-corona measures will affect the grape market. It will undoubtedly have an impact if all the markets close. All the grapes are of good quality. And there are more and more new varieties. The service supermarkets’ demand for varieties like Sweet Globe and Autumn, in particular, is increasing considerably.»

The South African stone fruit season has begun too. The first nectarines, peaches, and plums have arrived from that country. «Most of these products are sold on pre-orders. European plums were gone well in time, so there was plenty of room for the overseas product. Unfortunately, it rained in the production areas, which created a gap. Supply will, therefore, be limited between now and week 52. That’s a shame, of course. That’s the usual lucrative week before Christmas,» says Rozema.

Blueberries from Peru

«Last but not least, there was an enormous amount of blueberries in recent weeks. But, the volumes from Peru and Argentina have dropped dramatically. The market is, therefore, rapidly emptying. Luckily, we’re expecting our first Chilean shipment this week,» concludes Jan.

Frusan brand Chilean berries.

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