Quimas S.A. is the results of the interaction of two partners; one provides chemical and processing technology, and the other fresh produce technology and market intelligence. The chemical partner (Quimetal S.A.) is a well established chemical manufacturer in Santiago, Chile, that provides chemical solutions for the mining, agriculture, forestry and water treatment industries. Agroservicios S.A., the other partner, is essentially a technical and scientific service provider to the fresh produce industry and its commercial chain in South America, UK and Europe. Its mission is to ensure quality, condition and regulatory requirements of produce throughout the commercial chain and to secure the success of fresh fruit trading partners. Active and environmentally friendly packaging has become lately an essential service subject to the fresh produce industry and both companies contribute with fundamental experiences in the corporate mission of Quimas, to introduce new packaging technology in the fresh produce industry worldwide.


Nicolás Vidal

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Antonia Contreras

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William Ives

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