Earth’s biological resources are no longer sufficient

According to various sources, as of January 22nd, 2021, there were about 7,840 million inhabitants globally, and the figure is expected to reach 10,900 million in 2100. Thus, exponential growth is linked to an exaggerated increase in the consumption of the Earth’s biological resources, taking its regenerative capacity beyond the limit.

Italian Berry Day!: September 7-9

Tomorrow, Wednesday, it will take place in a great event organized by Italian Berry, our global partners.
There is still time to register and participate.

The role of women in Agtech and agri-food innovation

The Agtech ecosystem, characterized by disruptive agri-food innovation, stands as the solution to the various challenges and problems faced by the agriculture and food sector, such as global warming and the need to produce more healthy food every day with less land and less water. This is why it is expected to be the most important technology by 2050.