Actualidad de Arándanos Chile (semana 39)

Como se esperaba, la tendencia de cosecha y exportación para la presente temporada ha sido un poco más lenta de lo presupuestado, si bien es cierto, la temporada en curso ha tenido algunos períodos que escapan a lo habitual en términos climáticos, esto por un otoño e invierno con temperaturas

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Earth’s biological resources are no longer sufficient

According to various sources, as of January 22nd, 2021, there were about 7,840 million inhabitants globally, and the figure is expected to reach 10,900 million in 2100. Thus, exponential growth is linked to an exaggerated increase in the consumption of the Earth’s biological resources, taking its regenerative capacity beyond the limit.

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The role of women in Agtech and agri-food innovation

The Agtech ecosystem, characterized by disruptive agri-food innovation, stands as the solution to the various challenges and problems faced by the agriculture and food sector, such as global warming and the need to produce more healthy food every day with less land and less water. This is why it is expected to be the most important technology by 2050.

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The main macro trends shaping the direction of the food industry

Especially during the last year, the food industry has seen the emergence of various trends to create more sustainable processes and products. One of these trends is the use of sustainable agriculture waste to be reused and reduce the sector’s environmental impact.

The pandemic has transformed people’s way of life, modifying their behavior and setting new trends in the food-tech industry to create healthier products and increase process sustainability.

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Columna de Opinión: Arándanos en Chile

Cuales han sido las principales complejidades del cultivo en las ultimas temporadas?; Cómo se observa la presente temporada?, Cuales serán los principales desafíos futuros?, de este y otros interesantes temas nos comparte su opinión Marco Bustos Vidal, Ingeniero Agrónomo de amplia trayectoria en el cultivo y producción de los Arándanos,

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International year of fruits and vegetables: zero food waste/fruit waste

On December 15, 2020, QU Dongyu – FAO Director-General – launched the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV-2021).

An instance focused on highlighting the importance of consuming these foods and optimizing their production until reaching zero food and fruit waste and using the resources required for cultivation and processing.

Undoubtedly an unprecedented opportunity to draw attention to the importance of these types of foods in our nutrition and the need to promote their production and consumption within a sustainability framework and zero food and fruit waste practices. Its main features are worth noting.

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Agrifood industry: a haven for investments

Agriculture is an activity that has accompanied human beings since their early years. However, today it has acquired a leading role for humanity given the sustained increase in the global population. Thus, the agrifood industry is one of the most important productive sectors today, especially for the future.

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